Over the past decade Nielen Schuman has gained a leading role in the restructuring of companies which have been hit by the effects of the financial crisis. From the position as a truly independent expert advisor, we are a natural choice to represent the interests of shareholders, executive boards and supervisory boards in situations where amendments to the capital structure are needed.

Nielen Schuman specialises in advising on restructurings and recapitalisations of private equity backed companies. We negotiate with banks on behalf of our clients, especially in cases of financial distress.

Working closely with Nielen Schuman’s M&A and Capital Raising teams, we are well equipped to assist clients in raising fresh (equity) capital or with divestitures to strengthen the balance sheet.

Our suite of Capital Restructuring services comprise:

  • Restructuring existing debt and equity
  • Loan agreement amendments / waivers / extensions
  • Distressed M&A
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Capital Restructuring Advisory services in challenging debt markets (see slide below)

Our other services encompass M&A and Strategic Advisory and Capital Raising.

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